Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Some Stuff

In this first picture, this is what activity looks like just off the front porch when the temperature is 109. If you use your imagination you might see a fox chasing a rabbit and they are both walking. Then Kobae passes them.
In the second picture it become apparent why my grocery bill is so high. The two cups in the back are because this type of refrigerator has a defect that it leaks in two places in the back after so many years. Upper left, upper right, and middle right are Kobae's romaine. Middle left is my turkey bacon and some of it to Jax. Lower left and right in the drawers are Kobae cucumbers and green peppers and on the door and in the middle left drawer are fox, ringtail, and skunk hot dogs. I'm noticing an absence of food for me. In the hall way it's all bird food, sunflower seeds, and Kit&Kaboodle for other critters. In the cabinet, bananas for Kobae.
The third picture is a collection of items I tried to block the raccoons from getting into the skunks hole and taking their hotdogs. It finally worked. The fourth picture are the porch rocks settling because somebody is digging a tunnel under them trying to get to the skunks hole.

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