Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just Normal Stuff (for Base Camp anyway)

Jax and I had a schedule going of hiking each evening but then on Sunday water got low in the holding tanks at Last Hurrah so had to pump some more water into the tanks for guests and the process is tedious. On Monday two guys called wanting to play disc golf. I told them their Honda Civic wouldn't make it but they were motivated so they found some new shuttle company that drops bikers off at the trails and got them to agree to get them a ride to Base Camp. However halfway up Hurrah the shuttle company changed their mind and dropped them off so they walked the last four miles or so to Base Camp. I called Canyonlands to see if they'd pick them up by boat but the river was closed due to 55 mile an hour gusts. Tag A Long it turns out sold their river operations to Canyonlands. So, I went to town a couple days early to give them a ride and we missed hiking again. On Tuesday temps went from the 90s to the 70s so it was a perfect day to finally get the garage organized and I didn't finish until dark. On Wednesday I worked all day at Last Hurrah cleaning and organizing the houses to sync with Base Camp so I had ample amounts of everything that is needed at both places. Jax and I ran across these two rocks that look like Kobae. I'd noticed the one on the right before but not the left.

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cyn said...

He's immortalized.