Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I got a call from Let's Play the indoor soccer company I founded 32 years ago and retired from seven or so years ago asking me to come back in for a week or two in San Diego to solve an issue that had come up that I have extensive experience at. During the drive to San Diego from Moab I stopped for gas 12 miles short of the Nevada/California border. I was stunned at the size of this gas stop called Terrible's Road House. There were 96 pumps and when I hit it around 3am I was the only one there. I walked around inside the massive building that housed what was more like a mall with various shops for tourists to include an auto parts store. There were five employees, one at the counter and four that were cleaning. The only store front that was open at 3am was a large beef jerkey store with a counter about as long as an average Subway store selling exclusively beef jerkey. There was one guy parked in the lot changing into a suit. I waited for ten minutes to get a picture of a car at the gas pumps but nobody else came while I was there.

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