Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Weather

A few days ago a storm came over Dead Horse Point and has been coming ever since. The weather forecast for the next ten days is the coldest of the year and more snow. The snow pack levels in the Rockies are the second highest I've seen since I've been here. The beach will probably be gone in April and there will be mosquitoes this year. Last year the water never reached into the tamarisk trees and the mosquitoes never hatched. I think we had three or four days of mosquitoes. and the beach that didn't go under until late May and was only gone for three weeks will be gone a couple months this time. My plan was to go get Kobae the end of the month but the temps currently show the high will be 32 that day and the low 8 meaning Kobae won't leave the laundry room until he sees temps in the 50s so kind of pointless to get him then but I'll have him here for the tournament. He's pretty popular. So, not predicting the weather future, here is today, Tuesday morning February 19th.

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