Monday, February 11, 2019

Home (Jax uses up another life)

I got back Thursday night at midnight Moab time. When I got out of the truck, gathered a few things, and closed the truck door, the interior lights went out. I looked up and despite having lived here 12 plus years I was startled at all the stars in the sky. Gone only a week, but a focused city week, I had forgotten what the sky looks like. I wanted to cry it's so spectacular.

I went through Terrible Herbst gas station on the way back and there were 20 or 30 cars at the pumps. I felt a little better about the place for the guy who's idea it was. Last week I was pretty sure he had been taken outside and publicly executed in front of the Headquarters building but seeing this, perhaps he's just in a corporate jail cell somewhere serving 20 years.
 Michelle called me a couple nights before I got back to say she had run over or hit Jax with the side by side. At some point in the night Michelle went out to move the side by side from the front door and last saw Jax on the front porch. When she backed up she heard something snap and him yelping and got out to see him limping away. Taking him to the vet in the morning he has two cracked ribs and a broken shoulder. It's so painful to even pick him up to put him on the bed but in just the four days I've been back he's getting a little better everyday. The first video is Friday and the second Sunday.

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