Sunday, March 11, 2018

Things You Just Know

Just prior to Linny and I going to San Diego to get Kobae there was a Cooper's hawk each morning hanging around trying to pick off a song bird by the feeding areas. Each morning I would go drive him off but they are pretty persistent. On Monday when we got back I didn't see him. What I did see were four ravens up on the hill doing their Happy Dance. They strut back and forth, heads propped up, feeling the pride. I've seen this before when they've raided bird nest and flung their young about before eating them and rubbing it in to the parents who are trying to fight them off.

For the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the Cooper's hawk doesn't show up but the ravens do and strut their happy dance on the ridge, the conspiracy of ravens. Something has died. The ravens are too happy.

On Thursday Linny and I head up the hill with a shovel and gloves to bury whatever the ravens are celebrating. It must be something special as they are flying high and then diving down one after the other in aerial celebration.

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