Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Game

Probably 25 years ago or so I attended an indoor soccer game in El Paso between the Permian Basin Shooting Stars and the El Paso, well something, I don't remember the name of the team. El Paso was extremely disorganized and Permian Basin ran over them. After the game I went to a Pizza Hut to eat and the El Paso team came in to the same Pizza Hut. I talked to some of the team and told them some stuff they could do to be a better team next time and I owned a bunch of indoor facilities and the most successful professional team of all time, the San Diego Sockers practiced at my facility and I went to all of their practices so I knew of what I talked.

After about 20 minutes one of the players slipped away from out conversation and started going around to the other tables that had players eating. After a few minutes he came back to the table, nodded his head to the other players and said "It's done." Then he looked at me and said "We're going to get the coach fired, you want to be our new coach?" I declined.

On Saturday night San Diego was playing El Paso. Not quite eight minutes into the game San Diego scored. After the goal El Paso players got two red cards, kicked out of the game permanently, and another player got a two minute penalty. Later in the game another player was ejected for spitting on a referee. All night long El Paso was in trouble and frequently a player short on the field for penalties, which resulted in this, and this, and that.

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