Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Knack of Haydukers

There might be ten people hiking the Hayduke trail all year and I just have a knack of running into them on the once a week or so I go to town. I invite them out to the lodge to stay at one of the hogans and sometimes do water drops for them down Lockhart Basin.

The disc golf tournament is this weekend and it's packed. On Wednesday Linny and I went to town filling the truck up with water and propane. On the way back we run across the first two Haydukers of the years and invite them to stay at the lodge. Really good guys and on Thursday morning at first light we say goodbye to Tacota and Norm.

This year the tournament is 40 holes each day with 22 new baskets added. When you play #31 at Hull's Place you're about three quarters of a mile away from the lodge so we've set up tables and chairs and refreshments. On our way to town Wednesday evening for the second drive that day we run across five more Haydukers and invite them to stay at the lodge and not long after the first two leave they're off on the trail.
At the store Linny and I buy $300 worth of beer and soda for the Hull's Place, Hole #31, break before heading back for the last nine holes to the lodge. I have Linny push all the beer up to the checker and I'm walking behind her with the soda. When people stare at her I tell them she has a drinking problem, it's not severe yet but I'm getting concerned.

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