Friday, March 2, 2018

It's Time

The disc golf tourney is next weekend and a whole new format adding 22 holes each day over on to the new property and a no driver tournament but the question I get from almost every competitor is "Will Kobae be there?"

So, Linny and I hopped in the truck Thursday and drove to San Diego. It turns out when I drop him off end of October is usually the Sockers first home game and when I go back to get him it's around their last home game of the season. This time though checking there schedule I saw they have a game this Saturday night so perfect timing. Then I look at their road schedule and they have a game Thursday night in Ontario. I look at the map for the arena and it's about two blocks off the freeway I'd be driving down anyway so Linny and I went to the game and met family there.

It's pretty rare when it's a good thing that the home crowd leaves early, boos, and is quiet. But last night, it was a good thing, for us anyhow.

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