Friday, December 1, 2017

Wednesday Evening

I'm burned out. It's been two full days since the last guests left and I haven't cleaned a room, done laundry, or begin working on the long list of items that need to be done before it gets cold and after that before the season starts again. I worked 100 plus hour weeks for 20 something years. When I retired I did so because I didn't want to work 100 plus hour weeks anymore. However back in August I decided I didn't want to keep selling stock to make the new mortgage payments for Last Hurrah next door so I stuck both properties on airbnb, homeaway, vrbo, trip advisor, wimdu, and more. In September, October, and November, just those three months, about equaled the income of the entire previous year. It started slow but once the reviews began coming in the place was extremely busy. Rachel took ten days off each month from her other job and went above and beyond the call to help out here and Michelle came and dropped Jax off and later visited him and she also contributed to easing the work load. However, I don't want to work hard again. This coming year I expect the income to again double, and the work load with it. I'm going to need some help. I want to return to enjoying this......

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