Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tuesday Hike

After Jax's 20 foot dive off the roof of the lodge I took him out on a short hike of obstacles that we have done plenty of times before and he breezed through all of them. Later in the day we took the Polaris back to Last Hurrah when the propane truck pulled out, 1,000 gallons here and 2,000 gallons at Last Hurrah. Their small truck which they keep just for me was out of service so they had to drive a big one down here and they weren't happy about hanging a wheel on one of the corners but it's not like I can make the road wider with straight up and down cliffs and ledges on both sides. Anyway, while working in the water room at Last Hurrah I didn't know Jax was right behind me and when I backed up I stepped on his foot and he let out a yelp. He limped for a minute or two and then we hiked back to the lodge and he seemed fine.

Tuesday night I worried that he had internal injuries as he didn't move on the bed much but this morning he got right out of bed, stretched a couple times, went outside and took a pee and a drop with no issues so I don't know how but it's not looking like there aren't any injuries at all. Tonight we played tug a war with one of his toys and he fought me with all his usual tenacity. Amazing.