Friday, December 1, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday

The season is over. There are a few bookings in December, January, and February, but the day to day check in and check out, the constant cleaning and maintenance is taking about a 100 day break and for Jax and I, it's ghost time. Still I've drawn up a list of all the lessons I learned being booked solid and things I need to do to prepare for next year. The list is massive. It's depressing so for two days I ignored it and hiked the property. Jeep has chosen Last Hurrah again to do the unveiling of their 2019 new models. This will be three of the last six years they have either used Base Camp or Last Hurrah. I've made two significant improvement so far to make their lives easier this time. HughesNet has placed their fastest internet system in both places and I have a 500 gallon water tank they can wash their vehicles with. A few months ago they ask me to find or create additional trails on the property so that they can have all the off road magazine people drive their new models while they are here for the unveiling. So Jax and I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday hiking the 145 acres from every direction trying to find additional routes they can use. I think we have something special for them.

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