Friday, December 22, 2017


There's no water when I wake up yet the temps only got down to 9 degrees. The pipes have stayed unfrozen much lower than that before but I give it a couple hours to thaw with daylight. At noon it still doesn't work. Down at the pump house there's water running all over the place. The pump works but the bladder inside the tank has collapsed and it's not making it past the pump house. They'll be out Tuesday to replace it so until then there's no water but there is an extra house next door so not the end of the world. I pull a couple water cans off the front porch to thaw and use that to pour in the toilet when necessary.

I have guests checking into both hogans but I'm not expecting them to make it out. At 3pm they come up the driveway. The only two vehicles I've seen or heard come over Hurrah Pass since Wednesday evening when the storm came. They got heart and they're all set up next door.

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