Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Some Stuff

There is an ebb and flow to the critters that show up on the front porch. Earlier this year I declared that the east side of the front porch belongs to the raccoons and put a video up that had eight adults and 15 babies eating out of three Kit&Kaboodle bowls. Over the year they've nearly all moved on. There were a couple living under the porch for awhile but where I use to set three bowls out each night and fill them up to three times and one more bowl in Kobae's pen for the foxes to eat. Now I put two on the porch and they are normally about half full in the morning and only the one in Kobae's pen is empty each day. I did find a solution for the raccoons stealing the skunk and ringtails food. I have a whole board I pry open each evening and put their food well back where the raccoons can't reach.
Filled up the pond at Last Hurrah before yanking the pump and dock out of the river prior to the eventual ice in the river that usually shows up around Christmas. Filled up the tank and gravity fed one more load into the cisterns before winter hits so I have water to work with on the plants.
The lodge was full of geologists over Thanksgiving and it reminded me that I had once found these cool striped rocks out at Jackson Hole but they've all disappeared off the front porch over the years so Jax and I headed out to Jackson Hole but after a couple hours searching I could not identify the location I had found them at the previous time.

Still it worked out. As we rounded one of the corners of the trail I saw a bunch of river rock. I need river rock. If you ever get a flat tire out here and go to put the bottle jack underneath the tire to take it off it just sinks forever in the sand. You grab any of the rocks around here and put the jack on it and the rock breaks under the weight of the vehicle. That's doesn't happen with river rock. I always keep a nice river rock in the back of the jeep and another in the truck. Sometimes when guests use one of the vehicles they clean it out and always clean out the river rock not knowing it has a purpose.

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