Tuesday, April 4, 2017

So It Went Sort Of Like This

Scott comes out every year with his daughter Heather. This year Heather brought a friend, Maddie. Heather likes to visit Land of the Skinny People but isn't positive about how to get there. I draw them a map. They call on the walkie a few times for clarification, then Heather calls and says "We found it. It's such a nice day I think we're going to just hang out, relax and enjoy the view....oh shit there's a side by side on fire on the road up to Hurrah." I grab a couple fire extinguishers, jump in the truck, pick up Scott along the way.


Robyn said...

What happened to the people?

Tom said...

Guy and his son are driving along and they feel some heat on the back of their necks. When they turn around fire is roaring in the back. They pull over and run. Turns out Polaris 1000 has, or had, a issue with this a lot. It's the third one I've seen that burned like this. Where the engine is there's a plate above it but not very thick and it heats up like a griddle. Some folks put there spare can of gas in the back right on top of that unaware. Polaris sent out a recall a few years back but apparently not everybody got the message or did and didn't think it applied to them.

I called the guy this morning and ask him if I could have it. My initial plan was to just put it in the Base Camp parking lot with a sign that said "Conversation piece. You start." He said I could have it because it was $600 to get it towed out. Then the more I thought about it I realized Linny is going to be here tomorrow and she's heard about our new Polaris but never driven and can hardly wait. I thought when she came up the hill she'd see it and I was going to tell her, her friend Heather wrecked it so she doesn't get to drive it. But, the guy called back and said the dealer that sold it to him said they want it so they can investigate and see what the problem was and if their fault or the manufacturer's fault maybe get a new one. I hadn't quite figured out how to strap it to the truck but I was going to try. Bummer

Robyn said...

That would have been quite a conversation piece