Thursday, April 20, 2017


People driving off the roads and trails is of epic proportions this year. Every road gets a little wider and more people are going off the road and making new trails. Unchecked, the whole place will be a dirt trail. In addition once or twice a week I find people camping on the property out on the fringes and kick them out. On the other side of Hurrah Pass there is a sign that says no camping next six miles but it appears that doesn't mean much. Doug has employed Lance to take the front end loader and put large rocks and piles of dirt where they have been traveling to prevent further spread of the problem and I've begun taking the electric trials bike each evening and patrolling the property to catch campers before they've settled in and see if there's anybody on their way back to turn in their rental that just had to destroy a couple more bushes and leave their mark off the trail.


cyn said...

Terrible, inconsiderate, destructive, and some more words I shouldn't say. Too bad they can't be fined or forced to repair/replant damage.

Tom said...

BLM tells me they catch them, get a picture of them off the road, a confession, a court date, and then the judge gives them probation. What they learn from it is to be more careful to not get caught. BLM (not Black Lives Matter) says it's just not worth the time to ticket them anymore.