Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Rock Squirrels

The rock squirrels are outlaw legend around here. They all have long criminal histories and are teaching their young the same. You've seen their pictures at the post office and on the FBI web site.

 They know when people are checking out and as they go to their vehicles they will run in their rooms and tip the trash cans over. As they leave their vehicles to go back and get more luggage the rock squirrels will get in their vehicles and see what they can steal. More than one vehicle has gone to leave and stopped part way down the driveway, opened a rear door and a rock squirrel jumped out, stopped again a little further down the driveway and another one jumped out.

Hikers, folks on bicycles, guests, anybody with a backpack is strongly advised not to leave your pack outside. They can break into or eat through your pack in under a minute and any food you have will be gone. Yes they are cute but behind that smile evils lurks.

The big thing for me the last couple years is they try and steal Kobae's food while he's still eating it. I had two, now four large squirt guns I spray them with whenever they come to the porch because I'm sure that no good is in their heart. Sometimes I can throw the food out to the Breakfast at Tiffany's spots around the lodge and that will distract them, but not for long. They have chewed through the screens, eaten wiring in a few vehicles, and are always trying to get in the lodge.

When last fall came there were 26 rock squirrels and every day one or two disappeared. When the first snow came there were only four left. I assumed the nine raccoons that frequent the place were taking their toll in rock squirrel dens at night. However with the emergence of warm weather I count 26 of them again. Apparently once their dens and bellies are full they just retire for the winter. They are back with a vengeance and I sense a long and lengthy battle over the summer.

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Gene said...

That's alot of squirrels! I think Reuben may be part rock squirrel, it's making more sense now.