Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just Some Stuff

The lodge has been so busy since early March and the weekends for campers is crazy. Usually most if not all the rooms are full and there are 25 to 30 campers on the hill by the hogans. On Saturday there were 25 campers on the hill playing disc, eight more staying in the lodge, and 30 random people showed up off and on all day to play.
Coming back from town on Friday I ran across two guys riding their bicycles and ask them where they were headed. They said they didn't know for sure but they had lots of water and lots of food on the trailer so they were just going to keep going until they ran out. They showed up at the lodge after a wrong turn five or so miles down Kane Creek Canyon, left there stuff here, then biked around Jackson Hole. After hanging out with Kobae for awhile they loaded up and headed down Lockhart Basin saying they'd be back in two or three days, but so far they haven't.
On Sunday a camper came down from the hogans and said he saw what must be ringtails run under the side of the lodge. He described them as gray with long tails. I showed him a rock squirrel and he said that wasn't what he saw. As I'm driving back from Last Hurrah on Monday I see two really small, almost miniature red foxes run across the trail right in front of me. I've had a high point of 11 gray foxes. I've seen one kit fox. I've seen one red fox on this side of Hurrah Pass and that's it for foxes. To see two very young ones is a big surprise.