Friday, October 21, 2016

Tracks: Lesson Learned

A couple years ago when Kobae escaped and was gone for four or five days I realized later I actually found his tracks the first day but they looked like old tracks as the wind had put debris in them and the plants had recovered already from being crushed by him I figured the tracks to be a couple days or more old. Kobae has a habit of going the same direction, checking out the same area, three or four days in a row. Now, I step in Kobae's tracks a good portion of the hike so that in the future if he escapes and I come across multiple sets of tracks I'll know for sure which are old and which are fresh. It's a big deal. Had I done that previously it would have saved me four days of searching.

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cyn said...

200 or 2000 years from now when those tracks are stone, I wonder what someone like you will think?