Monday, October 31, 2016

Kobae, Heather, and I: Movie Stars All

Kobae and I are hiking down the street, Kobae exploring, I, reading my book. I hear a car pull over and two doors open and close. I keep reading and don't look up because it's been happening all day people getting out of the cars to come check Kobae out. I hear a pair of heels and regular shoes walking across the street so I know it's a guy and a girl but I still don't look up. The lady says "My name is Ann, I'm a reporter, and we were in Tierrasanta checking out another story and when it ended somebody told us to go talk to the guy walking the tortoise." I look up and see the lady walking towards us and the guy getting a camera out. She says "Mind if we walk with you and ask you a couple questions?" I say "Yes." She keeps coming and says "Can we mike you?" I say "Probably not." She says "We need to put the microphone clipped inside your shirt so it's not visible." She hands me the microphone and I clip it to my shirt. For the next 15 minutes they follow Kobae and I videoing and asking questions. I think they're about to leave when I make a mistake. She says "Are you taking him trick or treating tonight?" I say "I am. I got a bunny costume and we're going as the Tortoise and the Hare." Then it went like this.