Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kobae: Day One, San Diego (Still a little teary eyed)

Didn't get in until around 2am. At 9am Kobae was pacing the back yard trying to figure out how to get out and go exploring. He made runs at a couple of dogs but his reputation has preceded him and everybody speeds way up when they get close to him. Kobae got to a couple pumpkins before I could save them. Including a bite out of a styrofoam one. I'm not sure quite how to explain this part of the day. When Kobae and I go hiking I always take a book. Hiking with Kobae it's pretty easy to read a lot of books. At the moment I'm reading about Navy Seals in Viet Nam called "Men In Green Faces". It's a pretty good book so far. As Kobae is resting in some shade and I'm reading a Vietnamese guy in his maybe 40's pulls up on a bicycle. He says "My name is Robert. I noticed the book you were reading. You look to be about 60 to 70 years old. Were you in the military during Viet Nam?" I said "I was." Robert said "Did you or some of your friends go to Viet Nam?" I said "Yes." Robert said "Did they all come home?" I said "Some." Robert said "I have lived in this country since I was six years old. I am all American. I even lived in Texas. My parents sometimes remind me of the sacrifice many in this country made trying to help our country chase out evil when we lived in Viet Nam." I said "Robert, tell your parents thank you." Robert said "Thank you, and your friends, and this country." I said "Robert, that means a lot." Robert said "What is your name?" I said "Tom". Robert said "Thank you Tom, thank you." Then he reached over and shook my hand and then rode off on his bicycle. I just stood there for a moment and then began tearing up and by the time I thought to turn the GoPro on Robert was well down the street.This is always a fun one when I'm standing in somebody's yard or driveway trying to keep Kobae from destroying their stuff and they pull up. On the way back to the house there were a few dogs that didn't know better.