Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nightly Ritual: It's Been Hard

It's been hard keeping the baby spotted skunk alive. It has a tendency that when somebody come down the porch while it's eating it runs under the porch where the raccoons are hanging out. Finally I've gotten it to wait in the hole around the front porch. I see it sleeping there sometimes. I drop Kit&Kaboodle down the hole where the raccoons don't fit though they are going over there and reaching down with their arm trying to gather up some of the food once they've drained both bowels for the second time. I throw a couple hot dogs down there and the baby skunk is good. It's still completely crazy running around on the porch at the far end looking for an extra hot dog. When winter came last year I began putting hot dogs up in the rafters instead of waiting outside for the ringtails to show but the raccoons have learned to climb up the poles and snatch the hot dogs. So I've relocated the hot dogs to a more difficult spot for the raccoons to get to but still there are mornings when I come out and see pole bark lying on the porch so I know they've made another effort.

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