Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday Hike with Kobae: Problem Child

Kobae has been picked up speed the last 15 minutes of our hike so I know he wants out of the sun and is trying to find shade so I steer him that direction. Kobae's breaks are always right at one hour and fifteen minutes. That give me some time to explore. When I return 15 minutes later, he's gone. I've become pretty good over the years at tracking him and in this particular soil it's not difficult at all.With guests checking in soon I try to turn him around but he's fighting me and it's exhausting. I spot some side by sides in the distance and head for them hoping he'll take some shade and we'll both get to take a break. Kobae doesn't stay in the shade and takes off for any direction but back to the lodge and it's fight time again.With Kobae getting lots of attention and resting in the shade I have a brief window of opportunity to shorten the return hike by about three hours of fighting. Now it's loading time.

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cyn said...

Colors beautiful in the top two photos and light perfect.