Monday, August 1, 2016


I lost the cord to load from my camera to the computer until today so a few delayed pictures here. Kobae, Elsie, and Rachel's feet hanging out on the front porch.
Kobae wanders a little further away each day. Almost time to go hiking. A few days ago I walked down the hall and there was a Rock squirrel eating sunflower seeds out of a extra bag I had. He took off running and I couldn't find him but eventually found where he'd chewed through the office screen and come in that way. I took the office screen off and closed the window solving the problem. Or not.Today when I returned from town I heard a noise in my room and when I opened the door the Rock squirrel was in there. Chewing threw my screen was unable to get back out. Then he tried to get under the door by chewing all the carpet up. I whacked him with the broom multiple times and let him out onto the back porch through Linny's room. A few hours later I saw my friend on the back porch with oil marks on his back so I have a pretty good idea who's been climbing up on my vehicle engines and eating wires. Hopefully he got a dose of that Critter Begone that I spray on the wires every time I get out of a vehicle.

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cyn said...

Determined rascal. Maybe store your seed differently?