Monday, August 29, 2016


I have internet again after a five week absence. Thanks Hughes Net. Never get tired of this view in the finger canyons.
Came back from hiking with Kobae and despite the lodge being sealed up tight there was a House finch inside. After a couple minutes of open door policy it departed. Hadn't seen a hawk in a month to six weeks, then saw one, next day saw two, next day saw three working together around the lodge. Now nothing in a few days. Still feeding hot dogs to the polite fox but others have sorted it out. Now when they see the polite fox sitting at the edge of the sidewalk they start gathering around in attempt to chase it down and get the hot dog. It's not the strongest fox by far as there have been a couple that have intimidated it into leaving and taking it's spot. I don't feed them. A few nights I have opened the door and saw three foxes sitting in the parking lot. Two are imitators trying to get the hot dog. I say "Are you my friend?" and the polite fox runs to the front and snatches the hot dog I throw it. Last night I walked outside and there were four polite foxes sitting in the driveway and three more sets of eyes behind the bushes by Kobae's house. It's getting complicated.
Last night, 10pm or so, I see headlights coming from the front gate. A couple pull up in a small SUV. They explain to me how they got here like there are a lot of options and they want to "go back to civilization". I tell them the same way they got here is the way back. I can see the guy looking at his GPS screen showing the route down Lockhart Basin and a few GPS show getting on the Shafer Trail but it doesn't show the river between here and the Shafer Trail which is kind of a big deal. He wants to know if I'm sure there's no other way out. If there is, it's invisible. As they are driving back up Hurrah I see on top there are emergency lights flashing. When I call San Juan County Sheriff's office they say they are looking for two lost people and have the lights on to help them navigate to their location. I call back in fifteen minutes and they say those were the people they were looking for and all is good.

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