Monday, August 15, 2016

The Polite Gray Fox

Most gray fox run around the property, make quick dashes to the food bowl, or raid the Tiffany's locations for sunflower seeds. There is one that comes to the front and sits quietly staring at the front door. If I walk outside he doesn't run or bark a warning as most do. He watches. He waits. I've been against feeding gray foxes hot dogs for fear they'll hang longer and possibly pick off a ringtail or skunk, I like this one and I've made an exception. He's the first one here every night, sits in the same spot, and is getting a little closer to me each time. When he receives his hot dog he'll pick it up, stare at me as if acknowledging the gift, and then trots off, though not always. The other night I figured he wouldn't assume his position in the parking lot in the pouring rain but not only did he come to the same place he laid down in the rain waiting. In this video with a small ringtail on the porch walking around he made no effort to get it and instead patiently waited where he always does.

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cyn said...

Must be all alone?