Saturday, August 13, 2016

Thank You

I haven't posted for a week as the Go Pro was missing and the Fuji I couldn't find the cord. However I have both now but the Fuji pictures are bad for whatever reason when I tried to load them just now. So, starting over. Got a couple emails and a phone call checking to see if I'm ok because of lack of blog activity. I am. I've been without internet for over a month now so occasionally going next door to check email. Hughes Net couldn't fix the initial problem, didn't show up for the next appointment, lost the processing paperwork, but appears they'll be here early next week. So hopefully back to normal soon.

Still nine raccoons on the porch each evening filling up the bowel twice a night. The family of four ringtails hangs out in the rafters each night, the baby skunk sprays a rock squirrel every third or fourth day, they have no learning curve, and yesterday saw a mother gray fox with three babies. Beach left, came back, left for a week, came back yesterday. Watched Perseid from gravity chairs in the parking lot last night.

It's all good.


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cyn said...

Sounds all normal. I wondered about you when I saw some news about Kane Creek and the flood.