Wednesday, January 6, 2016

White-crowned Sparrow

Sarah and I were watching the Cooper's to the rear of the lodge sitting on a pole by the basket on #1 waiting for us to leave. Then it took off toward the river but suddenly swung up towards the front of the lodge. We both took off for the front and both heard a muffled thud. Chasing the Cooper's off in front I looked over on the porch and saw a White-crowned sparrow lying motionless on the porch. You would think with all the reflective tape I've put on the windows over the years it would be tough to find a spot to hit that wasn't covered but such is the panic that the Cooper's brings with it's arrival. Most of the songbirds aren't all that concerned with what's in front of them. They know what's behind them and it can hardly get worse. I picked it up and it's eyes moved so I took it inside and eventually to the office. Leaving it on the porch would be a death sentence and even released before it has it's act together is the same. Putting it in the office it eventually began moving around on the floor and then spent the next couple hours flying from shelf to shelf. Once it can land on the ceiling fan it's ready. Then it's open the blinds a little at the bottom so it can see outside and in time it comes down to the window where I cup it in my hands and return it to the outside. I wore the Go-Pro on my hat for two hours and thought I had a great video for you but at some point it had turned off so this is what you get instead.

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