Saturday, January 16, 2016


Linny and I found a place we both like so we wrote an offer on it and spent a bunch of yesterday getting a feel for the property. Even if accepted there's so much that can happen before escrow. As we'll probably say a few times over the next month or two. We'll see.


cyn said...

Looks interesting and homey. Since you both like it, it should be great! Would like to see more pics and know more info. Of course I am curious! What attracted the two of you especially to this place over others? (Your parameters are givens.)

Tom said...

Hi Cyn, for Linny and I it's a feeling I think. In this case there are two horses there, one with a blue eye and a gray eye, and a sort of homeless dog that catches mice. Outcasts of sort. There were a bunch of baby porcupines just sitting on the fence posts. You can pick them up, though carefully. Lots of outcasts, feels good already. It's in the Robbers Roost area of Canyonlands. Where Butch and Sundance and all the others use to hang out so there's history. There are arrowheads and some pottery about and three great hikes that are long and breathtaking and you can hike right into Canyonlands and that's without us spending months exploring. The Green River is not far away though we haven't figured out yet where we can get in to kayak but it we get it we will. In most cases I would be reluctant to talk about the location because it's not a done deal and I don't want others looking at it. In this case we offered all cash and a quick close for more than we think it would appraise at. However somebody else offered much more on terms so they'll probably get it. It is the only privately owned property in the whole Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point area. So, again, you're paying to own something bur surrounded by a whole bunch of stuff you have access to that you don't have to pay for, well, other than taxes. Because we probably won't get it, this one is called Horsethief Ranch. You can run a search. Took me fifteen years of on and off to find Base Camp. We'll find something but much more quickly this time. i have three more lined up and we'll work em one at a time.

Andrea said...

Looks wonderful and love what little I've read of the history. Who knows, maybe things will work out!