Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday Break

It's a different kind of winter for me. Usually it's just myself and the little people. Mike has visited a few times over the years and each time he has been here he goes around and does maintenance and fixes things. There's a lot that needed being done here and so I thought who could I trust more without supervising them than a guy that pays me to work here? He should at least get some of his money back. Mike's been here since early January working around the lodge. Sarah is painting, cleaning, and buying materials and placements. Johnny after 15 or so years across the river called me on a walkie last week and said he was done, would I come get him? So, four hours later Johnny was here and he's doing repairs and putting insulation back up under the lodge where the raccoons had made nice homes by tearing out some bricks in one corner, knocking down some of the floor insulation and curling up for day sleeps. Johnny got to meet one a little closer than he would have preferred a few days ago. I'm cranking out the once a year email doings and going ons for everyone that has ever stayed here, sending them out one at a time. I needed a break. I wondered if any of the trials bikes would start up after three months or so of non use.

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