Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cooper's Hawk

For the last few days a Cooper's hawk has had a reign of terror over the Tiffany's feeding grounds. The Cooper's, a monster hawk in comparison to the songbirds comes in and lands at the top of a bush. All the songbirds and White-tailed antelope squirrels run in for shelter. The Cooper's then lifts off the ground a few feet, spreads it's three foot wingspan and crashes back down on the bush with talons extended into the bush like the monster claws in that game you see at amusement parks that try and snatch stuffed animals, except this is real life and death for those at the bottom of the bush. The talons grip you, you're dead. You make a run for it and the Cooper's snatches you over the next 30 minutes you slowly get disassembled and eaten.

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