Sunday, December 6, 2015

Willow Springs Tracksite

I get an email from Cynthia Friday night asking if I want to go hiking Saturday. She knows a few places where there are dinosaur tracks and I have some directions from some of the books I've been reading for others. Saturday morning Cynthia takes me to the Willow Springs track site. Here theropods and ornithopods have hiked through. Theropods (beast feet) walked on their back two feet, each with three toes, come in all sizes, and are flesh eaters. Ornithopods (bird feet) walked on their two back feet, perhaps on four to feed, were plant eaters, and had three or four toes.These tracks were made about 165 million years ago in what were the tide-lands of an inland sea which was just east of Moab.


cyn said...

Let's try this again. Fascinating finds. You and friends continue to find new/old places with interesting stories. That's some place you have!

Tom said...

Hi Cyn, these and the two more that are still loading 36 hours later on my lightning fast satellite service are pretty well known among dino trackers. Just trying to learn as much as I can from known sites so when I come across unknown sites I'll have an idea of what I'm looking for.