Monday, December 21, 2015

Tiffany's: Kamikaze

A blur shot over the hill and straight into the bush on the right side of Tiffany's. I saw it through the office window. By the time I got out the front door and heading across the driveway I didn't know where the predator was but I knew there would be songbirds inside the bushes. The camera was knocked over and everybody was gone, almost everybody. There was still movement in the bush. I walked around it and the small Sharp-shinned came blowing out of the bush. When I looked down there was still a male House finch lying on the ground next to the bush with one wing extended. I gather the House finch up and took it in the office. In previous situations like this they just need some time to get their act together again and they are usually fine.
After they are fine is the trick. I had six Junco's flying around the office at one time a couple years ago. Pull the blinds up just a little bit so they'll come down and investigate and then while they are pressed up against the window you can catch them and release them.

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