Thursday, December 24, 2015


While I was doing all my Christmas Eve activities this afternoon there was a helicopter flying around a little bit north of me and on the other side of the river. It's been five years since Brody Young was shot nine times by Lance Arellano. Brody shot back and thought he hit him and then went into a coma. I was with SWAT teams pretty much every day while Brody fought for his life. Searchers found a rifle, backpack, tracks, and a t-shirt made into a tourniquet indicating Brody did hit him. A week later the search was called off and Arrellano was never found. Linny donated all her money into a fund for Brody and a couple years later when Brody was mostly recovered came all the way out here to thank Linny. Brody will be carrying some bullets in him for the rest of his life but today at least the wondering of whatever happen to Arellano is over. Linny and I emailed Brody this evening wishing him a Merry Christmas and here's hoping there's some closure for him in today's find.

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