Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

I suspect my Christmas Eve was much like yours. Where you had ornaments I went out and took the sign down off the gate and propped it open because the cows are gone. Then while you were on the internet tracking Santa to see when he might show up I remembered this time the last two years a mountain lion had come down from on top and taken a deer in the canyon next to the lodge so I was doing some tracking myself to see if I was going to have some unannounced company. Then it's time to put the presents out so I got a couple of shovels and walked around the front area of the lodge picking up all the presents that the badger, raccoons, and mainly foxes had left. I'm looking to see what they have eaten to make sure there is no conflict on the front porch and I haven't lost a ringtail or skunk. I haven't. Then there's the lights. With bad weather coming I walked down to the pump house and checked to make sure the flame was still going on the heater so the pump wouldn't freeze. So, who knew? Living all the way out here in the boonies and my Christmas Eve wasn't any different than yours.

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