Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Every Morning Four A.M.

It's too cold to stand outside and wait for the ringtails, skunks, and foxes now so I leave the bowl full of Kit & Kaboodle just before dark and then check it before going to bed because if the raccoons or badger come they pretty much drain the bowl so I refill it. I put two hot dogs under the porch for the skunks and four in the rafters for the ringtails. If any of them are gone prior to bed I refill them also. Still, each morning right about 4am I hear the food bowl banging on the front porch. The bowl is eaten down so far that the baby skunk can't get the food so as he leans over it he tips it with his neck, grabs some food and then moves back to eat and swallow it and the bowl hits the ground. By about the second whack I'm dressed and outside to feed my friend. I've just fed it a hot dog and it always takes the same route to get under the porch.

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