Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sun, Mon, and Tue

There were two fairly large weddings last year on successive weekends. They were a lot of extra work and no extra money so when I've been approached since I've turned them down. This times they said there would be less than ten people so I went with it and they picked the mesa by the gravel pit to have the ceremony. Roughly the same location Yoga Today had when they did their morning streaming classes while they were here.
On Monday Kobae took off down the driveway and we headed up Hurrah. I called Michelle on the walkie and ask her to come watch him for a minute so I could come back and check emails (lot of bookings) and while I was back at the lodge Kobae took off from the road and found some shade down in a ravine. When I got back that's where we stayed for a couple hours before making the mile or two hike back to the lodge.

On Tuesday representatives of the Moab 240 came by and left us these shirts and sweaters.

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