Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Oh Crap, I'm Dead

Disc golfer comes in and says there are cat tracks in the sandy creek 20 feet to the right of Basket 11 on the original course. He's probably right. Last night the foxes came early and after half an hour or so they never came again and the raccoons stuck to the porch as did the ringtail and skunks. Everybody wants a hot dog. Nobody wants to be the hot dog. What doesn't make sense though is the female mountain lion always comes over Thanksgiving within a week or so and that ain't now.

He described perfectly where the cat walks each time she comes to visit so I head over to check it out. I'm looking around and there's a lot of tracks of all kinds on top of each other. I'm going to have to smash through the brush to get to where the cat tracks usually are. I get into the brush and I hear a noise on the other side and heavy movement, then a crashing sound and something is charging at me in the brush but it's so thick I can't see it. I push to the right into thicker brush and a large mule deer buck blows right past me on a very close call and runs up the hill. It took a minute or so to register I was still alive.

There was a second reason for being back in the bowl. Disc golfers middle of last week said the balanced rock had fallen and over the weekend a couple more mentioned it so I went back to see for myself. There were two balanced rocks very close to each other and the big one is gone.

The 240 mile footrace is coming through Saturday. Every year I volunteer to be the aid station and use all the facilities but they always set up out by the sign. It's a little irritating I could save them so much work and stuff to carry out.
I get up early to get check in rooms clean, pump water, do laundry for the check in rooms, because I know Kobae wants to go hiking. I'm done around noon and get back to the lodge. I can see Kobae has been pacing up and down the fence trying to get out. I collect all my hiking gear and a book and open his gate. He heads across the driveway and sets in the shade until almost dark.

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