Monday, August 26, 2019

Almost Time

Kobae has began wandering around the lodge after he eats. Soon, any day, we'll be heading off to hike until it gets dark. The earliest he ever started his hiking was a couple years ago on Aug 22nd and the latest September 4th. All the contents of the three backpacks I had disappeared while the movie people were here but I've had enough left that I've managed to put together one pretty complete backpack though I did have to order a new folding put together chair and a hail proof umbrella but I've squeezed it all in there and I'm ready for my friend.
Michelle called to say the reason she hadn't returned to Base Camp yet was that somebody stole her Jeep but that it had been found in the parking lot of the Kearns Police Station. They spilled a shake on the front seat and left some McDonalds fish sandwich wrappers in it. Everything else appeared to be fine.
I ask her if she'd left the keys in it and she said "Maybe." She did. You can do that at Base Camp and you can do that in Moab and there was a time when you could do it in Salt Lake. I remember being young and going to the store with my mom. She'd leave the keys in the car, put presents in the car and then go back inside to get more Christmas stuff leaving the doors unlocked and windows down with keys in it and never a problem. Not anymore.

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