Sunday, January 6, 2019

Some Stuff

Linny is going to school in San Diego and here is my best friend at the Socker's game with Erich.
We had two weddings back in September. During Meredith's wedding Kobae was completely out of character. He had gone back in his house when the wedding started over at Last Hurrah a mile away. Kobae came out of his hole and headed right down the drive way. Linny said she'd go with him. She called on the walkie to say he was heading to the wedding. I ask her to turn him around so he didn't ruin the wedding and she called back to say she couldn't get him to turn around. I hiked over to help her and I couldn't get him to turn around either. He got to Last Hurrah and headed right up the hill determined to see what the noise was or join the wedding party. Meredith sent me these courtesy of Emily Klaren Photography.

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