Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Lot of People are Going to Die

Last Tuesday some guy calls and says he's making a movie and wants to know if he can make it at Base Camp. He roughly describes the movie and I tell him maybe but no promises. I'll take him to places he described to me in his movie and see if that works if he wants to drive over. On Thursday he does.

He says it's a horror flick and he needs some cool places for people to die. We spend part of Thursday walking and driving around the property looking for places for people to die. I think we got it worked out. We come back to the lodge and he's pumped about it. We agree to terms and he says he needs the whole lodge during that time exclusively. I tell him I'll do what I can. He pays the money and we have a deal.

I start emailing guests that booked those dates already telling them I'll move them next door or up to the new hogan. I have no choice because the producer is still looking for people to die and I don't want to lose any guests. They all quickly agree. When I know more I'll update you but sometime in September or so I'll see you at the movies.

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