Friday, November 2, 2018

Wednesday Jax

I was on the porch feeding Kobae and Jax took off running around the side of the house chasing something. I yelled at him and he slowed down but still rounded the corner. When I was done feeding Kobae I went around the corner and couldn't find Jax. He's been gone 30 minutes or so and that's unheard of. I went to the beach, the creek that has a bit of quicksand in it, and any place I thought he might have fallen and gotten hurt.

Then, just before dark I see Linda and Jax walking down the hill above the hogans. Turns out Jax saw Linda heading out for a hike and joined her. I couldn't imagine he'd take off without me but what do I know apparently.

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cyn said...

Left you for a woman. Well, he is male and needs female company.
Stunning photos.