Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Road to Chicken Corner

Brandon has been passing out my maps showing folks how to get to the Wind Caves and Chicken Corner but had never actually been to either so we got out for an hour and some change to solve that issue. Somehow rubber chickens are reproducing.
The story that I got when I moved here was that a cattleman, not too long ago, was found perished at this spot on the way to Chicken Corner when his horse showed up at Base Camp, before it was Base Camp and they followed the tracks out and found the cowboy. Then this plaque showed up recently disputing every bit of that story.
Views on the drive.

The plaques at Chicken Corner keep growing.
Campers at Chicken Corner. Dead Horse Point across the river. The trail going around Chicken Corner. Brandon, Needles, and The Saddle.

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