Friday, November 2, 2018

Jax's New Job

Jax and I hiked about four miles with Kobae today and it was fun. Because we were on top in the deep sand which goes most of the way to the Wind Caves it was a teachable journey. Since it's pretty easy to track Kobae once we're up there I would find a spot to sit down and Jax would hang with me. After about 10 minutes I'd say "Jax, where's Kobae. Go find Kobae." He would get up and put his nose up to the wind and then head out in the general direction of where he thought he smelled Kobae. Then start walking back and forth trying to pick up the scent and once he did he never brought his nose off the ground. He would follow where Kobae had been all the way until he caught up with him and then he would stop and look back at me. He had a perfect record every time we'd go on the hunt.

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cyn said...

You have quite an assistant.