Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Time

The days are full. There are guests checking out with sunrise, rooms to clean, vehicles to gas, maintain, and clean. Linny and I have gone inside outside. She takes care of the rooms and I do all the stuff on the outside plus the bookings and guests issues. Still sometimes early morning or into evening there is just a moment or two where you have time to reflect on just who you are, where you are, and the difference you make in guests lives.
More Haydukers came through. Going to be a record year for them. Even those with a set purpose hated to leave the place. Can imagine how others feel.
During Jeep's unveiling I had a Jeep walkie on one pocket and a Base Camp walkie on the other trying to keep track of the goings on at both places. The cracking of "lost" was consistent throughout the day. I walkied Linny to tell her we were missing a kayak out of the garage but later walking down to the river it was like the guests had done a kayak striptease. One kayak was on the beach, another in the tamarisk, a walkie in the mud and two life jackets strung a couple hundred feet a part. On the other walkie Jeep was missing a Cherokee. After all the photo people, writers, and video people had taken their test runs on the new models one was missing. The Base Camp walkie came on again and a three year old was missing at the Wind Caves and multiple dogs hadn't been seen in awhile but with sunset everything and everyone had been found.

Kobae hasn't moved into his house yet but he's thinking about it. He's gone down inside a few times and checked it out but mostly he just guards the front porch or he's a 185 pound door stop. It's hard to tell.
Last year we had a few instances where rock squirrels got up in guests engines and chewed up their wires. It turns out some starter wires and spark plug wires are made of some sort of vegetable derivative. That was a good idea. So the rock squirrels get up in every engine and find out which ones are edible. That was BFJ though. Before Jax. Jax has taken it as his sacred duty to never let that happen again and all we need do is open the screen door and say "Go find the squirrel." and he will head down the parking lot checking out each vehicle and if he finds something wrong he goes to no ends to solve the issues.

When Rachel and I broke up back in December I went back on a couple of the dating sites. Over the last couple weeks I've had a few dates show up and been able to devote no time to them with so many check ins and check outs and the varied list of things guests would like to do. So two nights ago I went back on the sites to those I had talked to about a visit to Base Camp to tell them for the next two years at least my social life is over and I'd be a horrible boyfriend and cancelled all the upcoming visits. Honesty sucks.

Still I am able to break away every day or so for a few minutes on a hike or down to the beach but it'd April and I have yet to kayak. The hike down to the beach has one sort of drawback. Jax is nuts or he finds crack, we're not sure which.

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cyn said...

Busy life. It's never dull there, is it.