Friday, April 27, 2018

So Strange

I've always thought of June 1st as roughly the high water mark for the river each year and the question was how high. Always takes the beach by 1st week of May. Some years 1st week of April. This year I don't think it's going to take it at all. For 12 years this is a low for me. Not only is the river not rising from snow melt I think it's going down and people coming to stay from Colorado tell me there's no snow left in the mountains. With the river so low the large tour boats aren't coming down the river and their prop wash isn't eroding away at the beach bank. I know lack of water hurts a lot of people down stream but here it's making for a really nice beach and a good time in the river.

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cyn said...

Sorry for those folks and flora that need the water, but beautiful photos.