Monday, April 9, 2018

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

On Friday Jax and I hiked up to what I'm being told will be the Mother of all Hogans. Work is coming along.....slow.

On Saturday Kobae spent more time down in his hole and then much of the day as the Gatekeeper. He hasn't moved in permanently yet but he's thinking about it.
On Sunday Jax got a bath from Linny again and as usual spent the next half an hour drying off on anything he could find.
With the washing machine still broken at the lodge the second someone moves out of the Main House then Linny gets in to clean and us catch up on the wash.
I spent the day pumping water from the pond into the tanks. Linny and I are thinking to solve our water issue at the lodge and the current laundry overflow issue I'm going to put another set of washer and dryer into the garage and a new one here at the lodge. We'll see if we can get that all plumbed and wired over the next week or so. Without doing wash at the lodge and only showers, dishes, and toilet hopefully the water table in the tank will be able to catch up in the coming years.

Sent Jax down the parking lot to check for squirrels in vehicles and had one in our Kymco.

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