Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jax, Hayduke, and City Girls

Jax and I watching the squirrel video together.
Four Haydukers came through. The girl on the left stood on her head for 15 minutes on a rock up by the hogans. I ask, she said "It feels good."
On Monday night I saw vehicle lights looking like they were driving down the ditch at the bottom of the driveway to the river so I got in the truck to look for my late arriving guests and found them at the Condo with flashlights staring in the windows though they were staying in a hogan. They said "Google sent us here." They followed me to the hogan, then back to the lodge to cook a late dinner. After they left I saw them driving around over at Last Hurrah looking for their hogan.

In the morning they came over and took a side by side and then went kayaking. The questions were entertaining. "Should we go up river or down?" I told them it didn't matter because the river went in a circle. They ask about crocodiles. Watching them paddle up river was like bumper cars. Then they got lost again on the way back to their hogan. No, I won't forget New York. My kind of town.

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