Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Peaceful Place

Lucy and I spent Saturday at the Peaceful Place eliminating all the weeds.


cyn said...

I'd like to go there. Is it habitable?

Tom said...

For many years it has been. There are some Moabites who have watched, cleaned it up, and protected it for many years and few of them, if any, share it's location. Later Lucy and I hiked to the SqueezeBox Man petroglyph but a condition of Lucy taking me there was not putting it on the blog. The Old Guard is always fearful of vandals defacing rock are in the area. Several have been defaced and destroyed. I've argued that the people that stay at Base Camp and read the blog are not those kinds of people but I have not yet won that argument and until then I will keep my promise.

khthnana said...

And a good man of your word you are. Sometimes life's mysteries are best left mysteries