Monday, November 7, 2016

From the Basket on 14

Lot of disc golfers this weekend. The weather has been really good. Mid to high 60's during the day and high 30's to mid 40's at night. I probably should have kept Kobae one more week. We could have hiked all but one of these days. Was weird going to the grocery store and not getting romaine. However if I'd have kept him one more week we wouldn't all be movie stars. Course that deleted cost has been replaced by the new night little people at the lodge. I've never seen more than six gray foxes but last night there were nine at one time. Usually I have two ringtails in the evenings and two in the early morning but starting Friday night a third one showed up in the evenings and it's very small, not much more than a baby. So last night with five ringtails, two skunks, and nine gray foxes it was a 52 hot dog night. An average night is in the 30's. There are still nine raccoons but they have broken up now with the guys all coming together and the girls coming up later so twice a night I fill both bowls of Kit&Kaboodle. It's a bag about every other day. Once the raccoons show up the foxes won't come to the food bowl. I was nervous that feeding hot dogs to the foxes who were previously eating out of the food bowls would keep them around all night and I'd lose my ringtails and skunks but I'm up one ringtail and one skunk and around 3pm in the afternoon I have a bunch of rabbits I never had before. It's all confusing.

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